Why embrace digital KYC?

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs beneficial owner

Embracing automated KYC solutions can reduce onboarding costs by 70%. – Forbes.

Agile Technology

Agile technology for compliance

Our flexible solution can be easily configured for your business needs.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk for compliance process

Minimise the risk of errors caused by manual oversights.


Scalable API

Our cutting-edge technology is powered to embrace change quickly and effectively.

Increased Efficiency

Efficient API

Automate your workflow to identify and verify beneficial owners and controllers.

Improve Customers

Customer Experience

Automated KYC provides customers with a frictionless experience and speeds up the onboarding process.

Begin your
digital journey

Our API seamlessly integrates with your current system. You can immediately begin verifying beneficial owners and controllers instantly.

Our agile technology makes it easy for your developers to plug in our code and go.

Capture Beneficial Owner declarations through your own system with our API.

Begin your digital journey

Discover how you can utilize our API by accessing our documentation and registering for a free sandbox account.

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We built our REST based API to easily integrate your customer onboarding system with UBO Service so you can capture Beneficial Owner declarations. Our fast integration process allows customers to immediately begin verifying beneficial owners and controllers. Our interactive API documentation lets you try out the API calls directly in the browser. With our agile technology and flexible pricing plans, we can reduce the time spent on large integrations. Download the Open API documentation and generate a client library to get you started quickly.

Richard Wood, Chief Technology Officer, UBO Service

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